The Searls Group

The Searls Group helps companies embrace customer empowerment through the growing portfolio of VRM (Vendor Relationship Management) tools and services. Here is a list of those.

VRM is an emerging market category, created and guided by ProjectVRM, which Doc Searls has led at Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet and Society since 2006, the first four years as a fellow there.

The Searls Group began as a division of Hodskins, Simone & Searls, an advertising and public relations agency founded in North Carolina by David Hodskins, Ray Simone and Doc Searls in 1978. HS&S moved to Silicon Valley in 1985, and by the early '90s had grown to become one of the top agencies in Silicon Valley. In 1994, The Searls Group became an independent consultancy focused on creating new markets and disrupting or enlarging old ones.

Today the Searls Group is led by Doc and by Joyce Searls, who split their time between work on the East Coast — mostly in Boston and New York — and their home and offices on the West Coast, in Santa Barbara.

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